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3, Ware street

Wari Dhaka


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Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

One of the Best Educational Institution for English Medium Students

We make the strong foundation of O and A level Subjects and connect them with real life examples.

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Our Programs

First Inspirational Center of Bangladesh For Youth

We inspire youth in different ways so that they can be motivated by themselves and be an ideal human being.

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Our Programs

ELC Inspires is based in Wari, Old Town

One of the best educational institutes in Old Town, ELC provides highly qualified teachers for all subjects under one roof. We aim to cement a concrete foundation of knowledge among the students by giving great emphasis on understanding the concepts easily and clearly.



We have a thorough admission process that ensures a perfect match between the students and the teachers through trial classes before enrolment.


The students here learn to apply their knowledge of O and A level studies to solve real life problems with the help of our teachers.

Inspirational Class

We are the first inspirational center for youth in Bangladesh. We try to help them become better human being by improving their way of thinking and behavior. We also help them to increase their leadership & creativity skills so that they know how to deal with real life and realize the importance of becoming financially independent. Lastly, we encourage them to achieve their goals while helping others.

Class Schedule

Information on all classes of our educational programs.

Inspirational Classes

Stay informed and up to date for athletics, with the latest news.

Inspirational Blog

It’s an open field for the youth to share their thoughts to the world.

Academic Programs

Details about syllabuses that are followed with PDF books and question papers.

Admission Process

System of enrollment in ELC, and the facilities provided by it.

Trial Classes

Achievement and activities of ELC Students.

"We do not teach ONLY for results but life as well."

Our purpose is to ensure that the foundation of the concepts taught in O’level and A’level is very strong with real life applications, and to inspire the youth to become ideal human beings.

Education along with inspiration leads to great things.







Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that every student is talented and has unique understanding ability. Being assured of our high standard of education, we provide TRIAL class for new students so that they can see for themselves whether they understand the teacher. In the trial class the teacher will also check the condition of the student.

We believe the purpose of education is to be good human being. Unfortunately, academic education does not always cater to that very important need. So we try to nurture our students into becoming good human being by improving their way of thinking and behavior.  Another important aspect of Inspirational class is to develop Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Creativity skills among the students so that they know how to deal with real life and realize the importance of becoming financially independent. Lastly, we encourage them to achieve their goals while helping others.

We have a parent-teacher meeting in every month, in which the teachers report the student’s attendance along with records of homework, progress and difficulties that need to be addressed. The parents are always welcome to provide their valuable opinions and suggestions through our improvement box.

We consider the responsibility given to us as sacred and nurture the students in a way that their foundation is made very strong. Your child will complete each subject study in a methodical and orderly fashion after which past years Question Paper will be solved extensively. A series of Mock tests will also be taken before the exam to prepare them in the best possible way. Only after the students are confident to achieve the highest attainable grades, we allow them to sit for the exam.

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