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Trial Classes

The trial classes are taken for the benefit of students and the instructors. There are two kinds of trial classes we take at ELC.

Trial Classes for the Students: We take this to understand the student better. We check his/her knowledge regarding the subject and assess how much work needs to be done for improvement. We also check the student’s attention span and desire to learn. Students are offered two trial classes before enrollment. Students may do trial class with two different instructors to find the better match. Students also do trial class to check the way of teaching of our instructor and also to compare with previous teacher

Trial Classes for the Instructors: We hire instructors only after they have taken a trial class and sufficiently proven that they are capable of imparting knowledge in a fun, interactive and easy manner. As always our mission of making the foundation of the concepts stronger, needs to be effectively demonstrated by an instructor in the trial class.

Trial Class

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