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Inspirational Classes

The most unique thing we do at ELC is that we offer free for all ‘Inspirational Classes.’ These classes are lectures or discussions on behavioral and moral problems that comes across frequently in the life of secondary school students. A second part of the inspirational classes consist of lessons on leadership & improving entrepreneurship development skill.

We believe at ELC that secondary school stage is the one which makes or breaks or the future of the students. If the student is guided effectively in tenets of morality, behavioral conduct and methods of gaining leadership skills a great future will be ensured. No such class is offered in any of the educational institutions of Bangladesh at this level. Since students do not find any avenue for discussion of their problems, and do not hear about the right way to solve certain problems, they mostly go astray.

Inspirational Lessons introduce the discussion of problems and their solutions in the mind of the students. Warning and consequences for actions are relayed, so that one day the student may make the right choice when they are at a moral dilemma. Lessons comprise of lectures on most prominent topics, thematic group discussions and case study solving. Visual mediums are also used for these classes.

The second part to the ‘Inspirational Class’ is leadership training. In today’s world of business, many students aspire to become businessmen. To be a good entrepreneur it is essential to have leadership, and the leadership themed inspirational classes consist of discourse on good qualities that makes a leader such as endurance, patience, communication skills, charisma and ability to inspire.

Inspirational classes takes place on every Thursday, and anyone can see it live on Facebook.

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