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About Us

About Us

ELC started in 2013 with the vision of providing Quality Education through some amazing and dedicated teachers who make the foundations of the concepts very strong and flexible enough to be applied to real world problems.

In that regard ELC provides excellent teachers with a practical experience in the real world who provide individual care to the students. All teachers are from English Medium Background and have graduated from universities of considerable acclaim and were able to distinguish themselves in their field of work. They have decided to combine their knowledge, expertise and experience through ELC, in order to ensure that O Level and A Level students do not get disillusioned in education because of variety of challenges that come up at that age. To familiarize with our teachers please feel free to visit their profiles.

Along with the school subject study, our teachers provide free Inspirational Classes. These classes were designed to solve behavioral problems, which students usually demonstrate at this age, and inspire in them the desire to lead their life in a morally good manner. Another aspect of the classes are to equip students with leadership skills. More about ‘Inspirational Classes’ can be found here.

Students of ELC not only receive highest achievable grades, but demonstrate a capacity for exceptional critical analysis. This is most visible among the A Level students, who is required to look at problems from many different angles, and this quality in them is ensured by the teachers through the sharing of both real-life and hypothetical scenarios to help devise solutions for the issues. Therefore, the critical analysis portion of University admission tests is a part in which students of ELC very easily obtain high marks. This is all due to the goal of making the foundation of concepts stronger and with real life application.