3, Ware street

Wari Dhaka

Admissions and Fees


In order to enroll in ELC, you will have to visit our premises and leave your information with our Administrative officer. A student may apply for the trial class here. A file for the student will be opened and the student will be informed about Trial Classes and all administrative fees. Afterwards the students would be informed via phone about the trial class they have to attend. Based on the student’s response to the trial class, the student is enrolled. Student sometimes are allowed to attend trial classes with different teachers, to find the perfect match for effective exchange of knowledge. After enrollment, students are kept under one month of observation, to make sure that the student has a genuine desire to learn and will not disrupt the study of others.

Admissions 1
Admissions 2

Admission fee:

1000 BDT per subject

*No end of the year re-registration fees.

Subject fees:

Class Per Month Costs in BDT
5 6000
6 7000
7 8000
O Level per Subject 2500
A Level per Unit 3000
A level Math’s  Unit C12/C34 3000
A level Math’s S1/M1/S2/M2 1500