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Founder’s Message

Founder - Shamsul Arefin Erfan

Founder – Shamsul Arefin Erfan

I started ELC, with the dream of providing an institution that makes the foundation of the concepts taught in O and A Level very strong, and allows the students to apply their learning to real life problems. Along with this I wanted to introduce the concept of ‘Inspirational classes’ in the education curriculums of our country.

The schools for lack of adequate teachers inadvertently make the students suffer a lot during their preparation for O and A Level exams. The teachers rarely stray from the explanations and examples given in books. Often they emphasize memorization over understanding.  I know all this as my batch mates and I suffered similar problems during my preparation for O and A Level study. Therefore, I started ELC Inspires with the aim of finding teachers, who will properly explain the concepts with real life examples.

I have also noticed that school children of this tender age during pre-adolescence and puberty, often fall prey to addictions of narcotics and social media usage. In order to protect the child from such constant luring mechanisms, I decided to start a segment of classes called ‘Inspirational Class’. It features thematic group discussions and solving case studies related to issues that affect the moral compass (meaning ability to judge good from bad) of an individual. As morality is something that one does not naturally learn from doing well in academic subjects.

My passion is to inspire people to greatness, and my dream is to permanently add ‘Inspirational Classes’ at school curriculums of Bangladesh.

To the students: Please join us and help us put you on the map by giving you the individual care from the teachers that you deserve.

To the parents: Please enroll your child in our institution and allow him/her to reach full potential, obtain excellent grades, and become a model character with a very ideal moral compass.